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Job Title: Engineering Manager
A well-known company in KSA specialized in Electronic and Electrical industry is hiring Engineering Manager, if interested send your cv to
1.     Oversee detailed engineering of all projects awarded and ensure engineering schedules are maintained.
2.     Monitor and analyze the delayed activities, identify the root cause, decide and implement corrective action in coordination with design and standardization teams
3.     Ensure equipment is designed according to customer specifications and pertinent industrial standards.
4.     Responsible for conducting design reviews to ensure compliance, optimized cost and manufacturing efficiency.
5.     Monitor and analyze the sources of engineering errors, identify the root cause, decide and implement corrective action in coordination with design and standardization teams
6.     Ensuring that all the engineering activities (project and development activities) are completed within the budgeted man-hours.
7.     To lead and maintain the “fast track” approach through the complete industrial cycle to ensure best efficiency and eliminate waste.
8.     To optimize the component selection for the projects to ensure compliance to the project requirements while maintaining the best possible profitability
9.     Make necessary analysis for incidents of low profitability and recommend corrective actions
10.  Responsible for ensuring all direct reports are properly trained and display competency.
11.  Provide technical training for different teams in other departments when required for new comers or old employees.
12.  Conduct periodic official performance appraisal for all the engineering team.
13.  13 -Manage the industrial files of all products, and ensure that all updates from the core units are implemented and integrated.
14.  14- Coordinate with the industrial teams to identify required product enhancements to optimize the industrial cycle, like pre-wiring solutions, pan and cutout standardization,  . . .
15.  15 - Coordinate with the commercial team to identify required product enhancements to improve the product competitiveness in the market.
16.  16- Manage the product development/enhancement projects starting from the design stage, till the implementation to all departments and integration into the industrial files
17.  17-Study the new products and localization scope to identify the required budget and plan for internal implementation.
18.  18-Identify and allocate the required additional engineering, software and hardware resources and investments required to handle the new product launching in view of the existing project and development needs.
19.  19-Build and manage the technical infra-structure of drawings, tools, libraries, and internal processes & forms necessary for the proper industrialization of the new product range
20.  20-Provide product guidance and recommendations to the production department to identify the optimum sequence of assembly of new products to minimize the assembly time & cost
21.  21-Provide recommendations to the QC department for the critical points for in-process inspection.
22.  22-Create necessary costing tools as requested, to support the commercial team for cost effective and competitive pricing
7~10 years
Education and Certification
BS Electrical Engineering
Technical Skills
1.     Proficiency in MS Office.
2.     Strong Oral and Written communications skills, management and leadership competency.
3.     Knowledge of ANSI, NEMA, UL and NEC standards.
4.     Symbols and terminology used in engineering drawings.
5.     Job costing and scheduling.
6.     Manufacturing processes, practices and procedures.
Job Details
Job Ref: #1
Hours: Full Time
Location: Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Contract
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