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Job Title: Electrical Engineer
OS4 Osama Saeed Omar El-Shayeb
Address: 14 EL-Nasr ST. Masaken Sheraton, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Tel : (202) 22662583
Mobile: + 01200590001 / + 20128426446 / +201006711456
E-mail:  /                                                  
Text Box: 	Objective :


Seeking a challenging career opportunity in electrical power engineering ,Also aiming that the firm that I will be joining will build and increase my skills and ability so I can offer my best in the position I will be filling, and hope your firm will furnish me with the opportunity of my life .
Text Box: 	Personal Info :


Date of birth: Nov 15, 1987
Nationality:  Egyptian.
Marital Status: Single.
Military Status: Exempted.
Text Box: General Background


·        Education
         Bachelor of electrical engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University
     Department: Electrical power & machines department.
            Graduation year: May 2010.
           Graduation Project: Electrical Design for the Social Building of Civil Aviation Club.
                Graduation Grade: pass.
                  Graduation Project Grade: Excellent.
Text Box: 	Skills :


·        Language Skills
Arabic       Mother Language.
English    :  Good at both spoken and written.
·        Computer Skills:
   Excellent Knowledge of the following:
-    Windows 98, 98se, Me, 2000, xp.
-     Office xp, 2003, 2007 (Microsoft Word – Excel).
-     AutoCAD
-     Lighting program ( Dialux program ).
Text Box: 	Pre  graduation Experience (Training).


1-    National Navigation Services Company ( NANSC ) :-
Technical Training has:
-      Diesel.
-      Stand By Diesel.
-      Generating System Water Pumps.
-      Low and Medium.
-      Tension Board.
-      Lenition Board.
-      UPS System. 
-      Voltage Regulator.
-      Central Units.
-      Split Units of Air Condition.
2-    South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company :-
Technical Training has:
-      Component of Low Voltage Network.
-      Under Ground Cables.
-      Electrical Power Measuring.
-      Medium Voltage Air Lines.
-      Distribution Transformer.
-      Distribution.


Company :
Title :
Department :
City :
Country :
Electrical Design Engineer
Construction  (Masaken Sheraton )


•      December  2010:  Electrical Power Engineer at Electric Power System Engineering
                                             Company (EPS) (Consultant Company)
                                                Web site:
Working at Distribution Network department in this power engineering fields:
§  Planning and Design of Distribution Networks for New Cities.
§  Power Factor Improvement.
§  Design of Electrical Power Supply of Factories.
§  Design of internal electrical work of public and commercial buildings.


At EPS :
Internal projects:-
1-   Distribution and street lighting in Borg Al Arab city
2-   Distribution and street lighting in 15th May city
3-   Distribution and street lighting in Badr city
4-   Distribution and street lighting in 10 th of Ramadan city
5-   Distribution and street lighting in Domyat El-Gdeda city
6-   Distribution and street lighting in El-Minya El-Gdeda city
7-   Distribution and street lighting in El-Fayoum El-Gdeda city
8-   Distribution and street lighting in Asyot El-Gdeda city
9-   Distribution and street lighting in Shark El-Ewynat :
Supervising the implementation of low-voltage network and the medium-voltage network in Shark El-Ewynat
§  Over Head Transmation lines 22KV :
1.    Suspension poles.
2.    Anchor poles.
3.    Angle poles 0,30,60,90.
4.    Terminal.
5.    Insulators ( Pin – Disc ) type.
6.    Disconnectors.
7.    Surge Arrester.
8.    Over Head Conductor ( 300, 150, 70, 50 )mm2.
9.    Earthing.
§  Underground Cables ( 3*240, 3*240+120 ).
§  Transformers ( 500, 300 ) KVA.
§  Distribution Panel 24KV.(Testing & Commissioning )
Text Box: 	Courses Attended


     Courses:  AutoCAD
     Date:  September 2009
    Place:  Design of Electrical Work for Projects
     Courses:  ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence)
     Date:  September 2007
    Place:  IBM Center
Text Box: 	Interests and activities


§  Have a volunteer spirit.
§  Ability in working under pressure.
§  Have the spirit of self-development to me and to my company.
§  Good in dealing with others.
§  Have a big power to convince & persuade.
§  Ability of working in teamwork.  .
        References Available Upon Request
Job Details
Job Ref: Electrical Engineer
Hours: Full Time
Working Term: Contract
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