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Job Title: Plant Console Controller - Supvg Oper I O/G Ops Aramco
Position Description
Candidate will work with engineering, maintenance and operation personnel#s who are responsible for safe operation of the (Rheniformer
70049888 - Supvg Oper Oil/Gas Page 2 / 4
Plants 488/493) located in Ras Tanura Refinery. A solid field experience in operations, including an outside operator, council operator, and
supervising operators in different hydrocarbon processing units with more focus on Refining Division.
Candidate must be a qualified trainer/assessor to mentor and supervise the development of young Saudi operators in the field of
(Rheniformer Plants 488/493). He must be able to provide a unique and well-structured program which is based on specific training for
specific plant and piece of equipment that will yield to accelerate the apprentices# development and provide young workers with real
operation practices to conduct safe and reliable operation.
Selection Criteria
Follow established rules and regulation to enforce safety standards and procedures per Saudi Aramco standards and practices.
# Understand the Plant process and equipment and any other related plants interconnections.
# Work as a control man of the plant and/or supervising operations.
# Work with young operators and develop them and enhance their knowledge of the plant
# Have experience in operating (Rheniformer Plants 488/493) for at least 10 years as control man and supervising operators.
# Have experience in processing unit#s turnaround activities from scope development to work executions.
# Have experience in refineries emergency response plans, and must be able to assume the rule of incident commander.
# Have experience in working with various control system including Honeywell DCS3000, Experion, Triconx ESD system and Yokagwa.
# Shall be able to jointly work with others and be a key team player in problem solving, communication, work planning and organizing
# Ability to closely coordinate with other plants to carry out a job that has an impact on them.
# Has to have leadership and capabilities of developing others in operations skills
# Must have very good English language skills where he communicates well with subordinates and superiors.
# He should be able to write progress reports on different operational assignments regularly
# Be able to understand the complexity of the control systems of the processing unit
# Be able to identify operational hazards and resolve them as necessary
# Be able to troubleshoot any arising problems and come up with reasonable resolutions
# Accelerate the operators work knowledge and skills without compromising the safety and quality results
# Be able to work as a shift worker or provide coverage during weekends/holidays whenever is needed.
# Be able to undertake different assignments in different plants when needed.
# Be able to work as a maintenance coordinator and provide all the support to the Plant foreman
# He should have participated in shutdown and startup of similar plants as well as turnaround activities
# Understand the potential hazards in the unit and to participate in HAZOP study.
# Act as operation representative to resolve operation requirement with maintenance.
# Audit unit operations to ensure achievement of operating targets and the over-all operating plan.
# Monitors product quality and make recommendations and/or adjustments to maintain product quality, yields and production rates.
# Keeps updated all the relevant operating procedure
The successful candidate will be part of the (most admired) refinery in the Middle East. This position is based on our refining capacity,
utilization, people management, and the use of corporate assets and social responsibility, as well as high marks in quality of refined products
we produce to our valued customers. A career opportunity at Ras Tanura Refinery offers the opportunity to work with safe and world-class
refining technologies that turn crude oil into the fuels and petroleum products. We put people at the center of everything we do by protecting
the safety, health, and environment of people. We offer continued training and development programs to help employees cultivate their skills
and expand their career within a truly global and collaborative workplace to help in addressing critical and challenging business issues that
will yield to maximize the value of the Kingdom#s hydrocarbon resources for the economic and social development of Saudi Arabia. In
addition to the refining, we operate NGL plants that receive feed for fractionation from upstream gas plants, and export product to different
customers both in and outside the Kingdom. Candidate must have hands on experience in operating (Rheniformer Plants 488/493) and full
understanding of its Control System.
Duties and responsibilities
A. Performs all managerial functions designated to the Segment level. Personnel supervised varies between 5-10.
B. Supervises and coordinates plant personnel in startup, shutdown and other major operational changes.
C. Diagnoses and/or troubleshoots particular operating problems. Takes necessary courses of action to rectify or improve situations.
Identifies situations where engineering or maintenance assistance may be required.
D. Oversees complete plant operation to ensure safe and efficient operating procedures are followed.
E. Coordinates plant operations as necessary with other connected plants upstream or downstream.
F. Ensures that accurate operating logs are maintained.
G. Responds to emergency or plant upset situations by shutting down plant or taking necessary action to restore normal running.
H. Oversees maintenance work in progress or completed within the Unit. Ensures that safe procedures are adhered to and that completed
work is satisfactory.
I. Performs other miscellaneous duties as requested.
Job Details
Job Ref: Plant Console Controller - Supvg Oper I O/G Ops
Start Date: Unspecified
Hours: Full Time
Location: Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Contract
Salary: attractive
Application Deadline: Unspecified
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