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Job Title: General Electrical Technician RP2
Great Opportunity at Qatar Petroleum
Require Urgent General Electrical Technician
Performs skilled electrical installation, maintenance and repair work, includes reading wiring plans and diagrams, dismantling and repairing a variety of electrical motors, starters and appliances assisting in major or complex electrical maintenance or repair work and carrying out preventive maintenance on electrical wiring and equipment.  Includes the installation of appropriate safety devices, in either the process utilities, offsite and terminal areas.
Principal Accountabilities
  • Receives verbal assignments and instructions together with dimensional sketches and wiring plans.  Inspects circuits or appliances and determines extent of work required.  Prepares field requisitions as necessary, and assemble tools, meters, materials and measuring equipment.
  • Diagnoses, repairs and tests circuit or wiring faults, in industrial facilities in proper sequence, using various kinds of electrical equipment, such as voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter, avometer and meger; refers to wiring plans as necessary.  Measures electrical tolerances; locates faults in underground cables and arranges splicing and  repairs. Checks wiring of electrical installations and its auxiliaries to ensure that all connection points and cables are capable of withstanding capacity voltages.
  • Dismantling, checking, cleaning and reassemble the equipments, checking the starter contacts, checking the operation of mechanical inter-locks, checking rotor cage for broken bars and varnishes the rotor. Checking and changing the bearings space heater leads and replaces / repairs part as applicable. Checking motors for electrical integrity, making proper internal and external connections, checking and measuring the tolerances of wires and connections for all electrical installations.
  • Performs scheduled preventive maintenance on electrical installations and its auxiliaries which includes visual inspection of equipment, checking and greasing the bearings of motors, checking and tightening of terminals and connections, checking oil levels and leakage's and topping up of oil level if required, checking and changing the dessicators for incorrect colours, checking the batteries and topping up of electrolyte levels, checking of building lighting systems, water heaters, power sockets, distribution board, changing fuses, lamps, fittings and glasses, checking and replacing the cards / relay / set of components in the control panels and replacing the parts as applicable, checking and cleaning of all ventilation ducts of electrical systems.
  • Updates existing systems and equipment in accordance with revised blueprints, drawings, work orders or verbal instructions.  Ensures that all regulatory and safety devices such as fuses, circuit breakers, over current and under voltage protection devices and temperature rise protection measures are properly installed and operating according to specifications.
  • Checking and maintaining  simple electrical appliances used in operational work and workshop tools such as electric saws, grinding machines, lathes, drills, welding machines and etc.,  
Carries out other similar or related duties such as, maintaining tools and equipment in good order; observing all safety and fire regulations, keeping job sites and workshops clean and tidy, salvaging parts and materials wherever possible and carrying out low voltage cable laying and jointing.
  1. Completion of Industrial secondary (12 years) education in electrical discipline


  1. 7 years practical experience in installation, maintenance, and trouble shooting of high and low voltage electrical systems, power generation and plant electrical equipment in a petroleum or petrochemical industry.
  1. Fair spoken and written English.
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Job Details
Job Ref: General Electrical Technician
Start Date: 7/9/2014
Hours: Full Time
Location: Doha, Qatar
Working Term: Contract
Salary: basic salary 8-10,000QR
Application Deadline: 7/12/2014

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