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Job Title: Mechanical Engineer Aramco
Minimum Requirements

  1. EDUCATION: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.
  2. EXPERIENCE: Ten (10+) years of experience, preferably in the oil industry or similar process industry. Experience must be such that the incumbent is clearly recognized as being capable of project and design assignments beyond the ability of the basic professional ENGINEER III or is qualified to an outstanding degree in one or another "Specialist" category.
  3. LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS: A thorough knowledge of English is required to perform analyses and studies in depth, make professional presentations and keep up with technical advancements; Arabic not required but considered desirable for American incumbents in this position.
  4. OTHER: Must have a thorough knowledge of engineering practices and economic principles, calculation methods, design details, US and
  5. Aramco Codes, Standards and Specifications.
Duties and responsibilities
  1. Prepare approvals of the problem solving report plans, schedules and provides coordination and work direction as required for the preparation of designs, processes, reports, correspondence and related data and assures the efficiency, adequacy and conformance to overall objectives of project.
  2. Formulates the basis for an engineering study or project or design in any basic or special engineering field by analyzing and evaluating all data pertinent to assignment. Evaluates data as to scope, effect on existing installation, economic value, long range planning and budgetary considerations.
  3. Leads and recommends new continuous improvement solutions for installations or modifications to improve existing facilities and standardization within specific fields of endeavor. Estimates costs, prepares justifications and completes expenditure requests as required
  4. Support project execution and project proposals and initiates detailed work outline and makes decision as to basic processes, and/or
  5. equipment. Performs work and or delegates work to other engineers and final development of specialized or technical proposals and studies of proposed projects.
  6. Discusses, coordinates and resolves problems with personnel throughout Aramco and subsidiaries and with outside of Company organizations. Acts as technical consultant when required.
  7. Reviews work of engineers directed. Checks that reports are written according to established methods of good report presentation. Makes recommendations for future study or report changes. Approves reports for transmittal to supervisor. Reviews work of third party, technology reports, and engineering standards.
  8. Lead the implementation and operation of all kind of recommended solutions.
Following are specific applications of this job:
  • Civil Engineer:  Normally designs or studies structural modifications to facilities such as industrial shop buildings, warehouses, residences, marine piers, oil handling, processing, storage and pipeline facilities, facilities, sewer systems, roads and streets. Occasionally called upon to design new facilities of the types mentioned.
  • Chemical Engineer: Normally handles process studies or design modifications in utilities, oil manufacturing or oil handling facilities, occasionally called upon to design or evaluate new process installations.
  • Electrical Engineer: Formally designs or studies electrical modifications to oil processing and oil handling facilities, residences and utilities. Occasionally called upon to design electrical aspects of new facilities of the type mentioned.
  • Mechanical Engineer: Normally designs or studies mechanical modifications to oil processing, oil handling and utilities facilities. Occasionally called upon to design mechanical aspects of new facilities of the type mentioned.
  • Survey Engineering: Includes engineering analysis and the development of recommendations and alternatives in the solution of complex problems related to the surveys of company and government properties and facilities. This includes the recognition of problems, through analysis of present situation and objectives, development of comprehensive program and implementation to produce the desired end product. Typical projects would involve the establishment of high precision horizontal control in remote desert regions for future oil and gas development, evaluation and recommendation of state of the art photogrammetric equipment for digital mapping systems.
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Job Details
Job Ref: ME101
Start Date: 10-7-2014
Hours: Full Time
Location: Jazan, Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Contract
Salary: Attractive Salary $
Application Deadline: 1-10-2014

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