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Job Title: Employee Relations Supervisor Eng.Ind.

Principal Accountabilities

  1. Coordinate the Employee Relations activities of the corporation at Doha, Dukhan, Mesaieed and Ras Laffan, to resolve disputes, arguments and other employee relations issues affecting the employees.
  2. Conducting Investigations and studies cases(investigation committees, fact findings, analysis)
  3. Prepare proposals and procedure reports to MD, DA, HR and HRA for grievance, complain, appeal cases.
  4. Handles grievances and complaints of employees, conducts meetings with department and employee, prepares detailed report of the incident, provides appropriate recommendation to HRM and settles the issue in accordance with PPM.
  5. Participates at the required level in the ongoing development and training of the Department’s Qatari employees, developees and trainees.
  6. Participates and attends various meetings such as Weekly Operations Meetings, Management Safety Meetings, Medical cases meetings and section meetings.
  7. Studies chronic cases of long absence, discusses the corrective action and penalty with departments and drafts letters and actions as appropriate.
  8. Carries out routine Employee Relations problem solving activities at any location as deemed necessary. Ensures proper interpretation of the Corporation policy and continuously maintains a harmonious atmosphere in the work area.
  9. Reviews the basis and substance of disagreements of either employee/supervisor or employee/employee or of a corporate level involving disputes with the Corporation. Investigates all complaints, prepares written reports and presents recommendations for further action.
  10. Conducts personal interviews of employees who are scheduled to leave the corporation and endeavours to resolve any dispute to secure both the interests of  the Corporation and the employee.
  11. Investigates and studies cases of national employees claiming as sole supporter, investigates the matter with the concerned government authority and provides appropriate recommendation to HRM for action. Follows up on all approved sole supporter cases during the previous years and recommends the continuation of eligibility or discontinuous of allowance on a yearly basis.
  12. Visits operational such as plants, stations, rigs and non-operational areas and departments to collect information and arrange interviews with employees and supervisors and counselling session to employees for poor timekeeping, poor performance and negative attitude. Studies cases, discusses the matters with concerned departments and recommends appropriate action to HRM.
  13. Conducts exit interviews with employees who have resigned from the Corporation, this includes obtaining the reasons and imputing the information onto SAP.
  14. Liaises with General Services Housing Section for issues related to employee housing. Coordinates with Housing Section for matters related to locked houses by employees who left the Corporation or terminated, disposes or takes appropriate action of personal effects left in the house.
  15. Carries out routine employee relations problems solving activities such as (Absences, Housing, transfers and others).
  16. Participates in the Permanent Investigation Committee (Administration/Legal Representatives) and take the appropriate action on employees who have been imprisoned as a precautionary measure or in execution of a penal judgement.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Administrations, Human Resource Management or a related field.
  2. Minimum of 5 years experience in personnel administration/ employee relations including at least 3 year in an offshore oil & Gas Environment.
  3. Multi-task oriented, excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  4. Excellent interpersonal skills with demonstrated patience, tact, and respect.
  5. Ability to resolve conflicts and diffuse employee related issues, concerns, situations, etc.
  6. Bilingual Arabic/English.
  7. Proficiency with Microsoft computer applications.
Job Details
Job Ref: ERS
Start Date: 6/2014
Hours: Full Time
Location: Doha, Qatar
Working Term: Contract
Salary: Attractive Salary
Application Deadline: 1/9/2014

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