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Job Title: software tester caelum middle east
Job Code: (310) R&D: Junior Tester
  • - Software Testers shall perform software tests to ensure the best quality for the software codes and programs developed by the Software team. 
  • - Software tester will not only test new features and functionality, but must also actively use every function and tool of the software solution in order to develop a deep understanding of the product and how it works. 
  • - Software Testers shall make constant use of the application will also allow for proactive identification of bugs, performance and reliability issues, as well as other potential failures.
  • - Possess a strong interest in technology and its advancement 
  • - Effective oral communication skills 
  • - Written communication and documentation skills 
  • - Able to accurately document test procedures 
  • - Programming knowledge in a Black Box or a White Box testing methodology. 
  • - has the ability to interpret and follow technical plans. 
  • - has the ability to create very fast and creative approach to problem solving. 
  • - He has the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. 
  • - An understanding of confidentiality and data protection issues. 
  • - Ability to solve problems quickly and completely. 
  • - Initiative and the ability to work with minimal guidance 
  • - The ability to work as a team player is essential 
  • - Attention to detail and strong problem-solving skills are critical 
  • - Team-working skills.
  • - Create QA status report for assigned projects as required 
  • - Preparation of Testing Reports 
  • - Use optimization techniques to minimize the number of test cases and time effort while maximizing test coverage. 
  • - Organize and facilitate reviews, inspections, and walkthroughs of test plans and other Product Lifecycle Framework (PLF) related documentation 
  • - Evaluate and tests new or modified software programs and software development procedures used to verify that programs function according to user requirements and conform to established guidelines. 
  • Participate in feature development from concept to design to construction 
  • - Plan, design, and author effective test cases 
  • - Write, revise, and verify quality standards and test procedures for program design, product evaluation and quality assurance 
  • - Observes computer monitoring/performance metrics during program test to detect error codes or interruption of program and corrects errors. 
  • - Monitors program performance after implementation to prevent reoccurrence of program operating problems and ensure efficiency of operation. 
  • - Writes documentation to describe program evaluation, testing, and correction. 
  • - May develop utility program to test, track, and verify defects in software program.
  • - Graduated from the faculty of Engineering - Computer Science Section. 
  • - A degree in Computer Science or a related field is preferred 
  • - Good knowledge of mathematics, hardware, software and programming languages 
  • - has very good knowledge in computer programming 
  • - Experience in White box testing at the unit, integration and system levels.
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Job Details
Job Ref: (310) R&D
Start Date: 11/6/2015
Hours: Full Time
Location: Egypt
Working Term: Contract
Salary: 2000-4500
Application Deadline: 30/6/2015

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