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Job Title: Business Sys Analyst Aramco
Position Description
The roles and responsibility of the business system analysts are as follows :
1) Conduct annual Process Network & System Security compliance assessment for SAEP-99 across the admin area facilities.
2) Perform risk assessment for each facility and generate recommendations to eliminate network security risks
3) Generate status reports for all facilities on the admin area.
4) Establish and maintaining Plant Network security compliance KPIs.
5) Recommend actions to mitigate compliance gaps.
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6) Conduct workshops and ensuring best practices are well applied by each facility.
7) Ensure the implementation of standardized compliance process and methodology.
8) Conduct formal training to PAN administrators
9) Work with central engineering (P&CSD) to identify network tools to monitor and ensure network security.
10) Participate on investigation team conducting network analysis and formulate applicable recommendations.
Selection Criteria
Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.
The candidate need to be flexible to assigned anywhere within Admin Area
Duties and responsibilities
Duties listed are representative but not inclusive:
A. Works with organizations at all levels (i.e., ER, Finance, etc.) in order to maintain an overall corporate management information system
which is the primary source from which information is gathered for policy and decision making at corporate level.
B. Conducts feasibility studies and prepares feasibility reports, conducts stakeout studies and prepares project proposal reports.
C. Interfaces with EDP/PCD in the design and implementation phases of EDP-based Business Systems and provides support to EDP as the
department client.
D. Prepares the user manuals and associated documentation resulting from Business System implementation.
E. Prepares conversion plan and user installation plan for the applicable organization and other system users.
F. Provides the support and advice, and business procedures necessary to maintain the integrity of data which originates within department
Business Systems.
G. Provides training to operational and staff personnel in order to maximize the effectiveness of Business Systems within the assigned
H. Conducts special studies as assigned.
I. Maintains contact with the EDP Liaison representative in other departments to exchange ideas and information.
1. Oversee the assigned department's/organization#s computer security program ensuring compliance with the Company's Information
Security Policy.
·,,Manage the internal processes and procedures to comply with Information Security Policy in the organization(s), which he/she supports.
·,,Communicate recently approved additions, deletions or amendments to the information Security Policy to department management and
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·,,Document and report non-compliance or misuse of granted privileges and services as required by incident Reporting Processes and
supporting Information Protection Standards and Guidelines (IPSAG).
2. Conduct business risk assessments related to computing resources within his/her area of responsibilities and take appropriate remedial
action, including notifying his/her management and Computer Security Administration (CSA) regarding security risks, or IT regarding
operational risks.
3. Enhance department level access requirements documentations, and ensure the availability of applicable support systems and related
processes to assign, monitor and delete when such accesses are no longer required.
·,,Ensure removal of access assigned for resigned, transferred or terminated employees immediately.
4. Maintain department data classification as per GI710.002 Classification and handling of Sensitive Information requirements and take
appropriate action(s) in order to comply with sensitive and confidential data.
5. Obtain department head approval for access requirements especially for critical resources and maintain records of such approvals.
6. Manage Active Directory resources for users under his/her area of responsibility:
·,,Enables and resets user's Domain account.
7. Manage Email Exchange security groups and profiles for users# binder his/her area of responsibility.
8. Monitor permissions to use network resources, e.g. shared folders, and printers
9. Monitor SAP users' access and roles for users under his/her area of responsibility.
10. Monitor and process temporary administrator rights requests to install, maintain and/or delete approved programs, hardware.
11. Conduct computer security awareness to users in which he/she supports. Also, report any computer or system misuse or other
irregularity. He/She must be able to do several awareness presentations to his/her organization during the operational year, or as required.
12. Coordinate Business Continuity requirements for his/her organization in order to comply with the approved corporate Business Continuity
13. Ensure periodic physical inventory verification, at least once every six (6) months, of ail assigned end-user devices under his/her custody.
Reconcile a Physical Inventory Report, which needs to be reviewed and approved by the Division and Department Heads. Inventory
discrepancies shall be investigated, and any lost or stolen device(s) shall be reported to Industrial Security Operations for appropriate
follow-up action. A record of follow-up is maintained for future reference and inventory reconciliation.
14. Ensure accurate inventory database records for his/her department's applications, software, hardware and network devices, and identify
ownership of the inventory items by updating the corporate IT Asset Management System to comply with the requirements of GI 299.010:
·,,Request physical ID for equipment that does not have one through SAP PRC.
·,,Update the end-users' location and contact information for devices within his/her area of responsibility.
15. Manage and coordinate the requesting of IT computer resources.
16. Ensure that all software and data on all surplus computer equipment are sanitized prior to disposition using Company-authorized
17. Manage and maintain IT shared assets under his/her area of responsibility.
18. Ensure that employees who are no longer working in his/her areas of responsibility are cleared and signed-off according to company
policies and procedures. The scope includes all IT-issued end-user devices under I-his/her custodianship.
19. Report to and advise department head regarding information security concerns and issues.
20. Participate, if requested by Corporate Security Services, in investigations of breaches of Saudi Aramco Policies and Standards within the
organization(s) he/she supports:
·,,Liaise with Computer Security Administrator, information protection organizations, and Access Control Groups (ACGs), as needed.
21. Represent his/her organization in computer security related issues and incidents as directed by management.
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22. Be the focal point of contact and perform support procedures when a penetration test or compliance assessment is performed within
his/her organization.
23. Actively participate in computer security training, including attending computer security seminars and conferences, as available and
attending Computes Security and Technical Training:
·,,Train users within areas of responsibility/organization code(s) to use Identit
Job Details
Job Ref: Business Sys Analyst
Start Date: 14-10-2014
Hours: Full Time
Location: Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Contract
Salary: Attractive
Application Deadline: 9/11/2014
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