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Job Title: Chemical Engineer Aramco
Position Description
We are currently seeking an experienced Naphtha & Aromatics Process Engineer for the Ras Tanura CF&AP Projects in Saudi Arabia. This
position will actively participate in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) phase of the naphtha and aromatics complex of RT
Candidate duties and responsibilities include:
- Engineering document reviews such as process flow diagrams, piping and instrument diagrams, data sheets, plot plans and so forth.
- Review purchase requisitions and orders, and witness factory acceptance and sight acceptance tests to ensure all equipment properly meet
design objectives.
- Be responsible for ensuring that the design of the naphtha and aromatics complex is held to the highest standards of reliability and
operation, and incorporates the latest industry technologies and lessons learned.
- Ensure that the design and execution of the complex is flawless, perfect and free of design or construction errors.
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- Participate in the construction of the CF&AP and be responsible for issuing/reviewing operating procedures to ensure the flawless start-up of
the unit and sustainable smooth operation.
Selection Criteria
The successful candidate will have a Bachelor#s degree in Chemical Engineering with a minimum of 9 years of relevant experience.
Experience should include the design, commissioning and running of a variety of refining units, including C5/C6 isomeration, NHT/CCR,
paraxylene separation, xylene isomeration and benzene extraction units.
RTR consists of 25 process plants RTR has four Divisions namely, North Refining, NGL & OP, South Refining, and Utilities and Product
Movement Division. RTR approximately process 550 MBD. RTR produces Diesel, gasoline, kerosene and LPG. The new CF&AP project will
add to the refinery116MBD NHT, 90MBD CCR, 50MBD Isomerization, Benzen Toluene Extraction that will produce 214KTA Benzene and
70KTA Toluene. In addition, new Paraxylene Plant that will produce 1,109 KTA of Px.
Minimum Requirements
A. EDUCATION: B.S. in Engineering.
B. EXPERIENCE: Nine (9) years, preferably in the oil industry or similar process industry, such that the incumbent is clearly recognized as
an expert in his field.
C. LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS: No second language is required.
D. OTHER: Must have a thorough knowledge of engineering practices and economic principles, calculation methods, design details, U.S.
and Aramco's Codes, Standards and Specifications.
Duties and responsibilities
A. Plans, schedules and provides work direction as required for preparation of designs, processes, reports, correspondence and related data
and assures the efficiency, adequacy and conformance to overall objectives of alt phases of very complex engineering problems.
B. Support the development and formulates the basis for engineering studies in any of several basic or special engineering fields by
analyzing and evaluating all data pertinent to problems. Evaluates data as to scope, effect on existing installations, economic value, long
range planning and budgetary considerations.
C. Leads the activists of project proposal that include development of scope, functions, interrelationship, integration, physical solution
definition, cost estimate, etc. Leads project execution for project proposal, initiatives, studies and continuous improvement of solutions and
Problem solvers.
D. Initiates detailed work outline and makes decision as to basic approaches, processes and/or equipment. Performs work and/or delegates
work to other engineers for final development of specialized or technical proposals and proposed projects.
E. Brings all elements of a project together, makes certain that all elements proceed satisfactorily on schedule and within the money allowed;
and initiates corrective action as required. Reviews cost estimates, recommendation from vendors, consultants, and licensors.
F. Discusses, coordinates and resolves problems with personnel throughout Aramco and subsidiaries and with outside of company
organizations. Acts as technical consultant when required.
G. Recommends new installations or modifications to improve existing facilities and standardization within broad fields of endeavor.
Estimates costs, prepares justifications and completes expenditure requests as required.
H. Reviews work of engineers directed. Checks that reports are written according to established methods of good report presentation. Takes
recommendations for further study or report changes. Approves reports for transmittal to supervisor.
I. Has working knowledge of Saudi Aramco Standards and Specifications to review and provides consultation to proponent and project
representatives related to their interpretation/ application of the standards in his area of expertise.
J. Develop scope and description of technology items, and leads the implementation and operation of developed solutions in the filed.
Following are specific applications of this job:
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Civil Engineer - Normally designs or studies structural modifications to facilities such as industrial shop buildings, warehouses, residences,
marine piers, oil handling, processing, storage and pipeline facilities, facilities, sewer systems, roads and streets. Occasionally called upon to
design new facilities of the types mentioned.
Chemical Engineer - Normally handles process studies or design modifications in utilities, oil manufacturing or oil handling facilities ,
Occasionally called upon to design or evaluate new process installations.
Electrical Engineer - Formally designs or studies electrical modifications to oil processing and oil handling facilities, residences and utilities.
Occasionally called upon to design electrical aspects of new facilities of the type mentioned.
Mechanical Engineer - Normally designs or studies mechanical modifications to oil processing, oil handling and utilities facilities.
Occasionally called upon to design mechanical aspects of new facilities of the type mentioned.
Survey Engineering - Includes engineering analysis and the development of recommendations and alternatives in the solution of complex
problems related to the surveys of company and government properties and facilities. This includes the recognition of problems, through
analysis of present situation and objectives, development of comprehensive program and implementation to produce the desired end product.
Typical projects would involve the establishment of high precision horizontal control in remote desert regions for future oil and gas
development, evaluation and recommendation of state of the art photogrammetric equipment for digital mapping systems.
Job Details
Job Ref: Chemical Engineer
Start Date: Unspecified
Hours: Full Time
Location: Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Contract
Salary: Attractive
Application Deadline: Unspecified
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